Just thought I'd send you a photo of our girl Ophelia enjoying "her" king size bed! If it were up to her she would have all of her naps there but since I have to carry her back down the stairs after, it doesn't happen as often as she'd like. She's doing great - housebreaking is going extremely well, she really gets it. She is an early to bed sort of girl and doesn't care to get up terribly early either! (I'm pretty lucky!) She still loves to eat weird acorns and leaves and junk like that but she's growing like a weed!

Will send more soon - thanks again for this wonderful addition to my family!!



Hi Ken and Peggy,

I've been meaning to contact you to let you know that we made a reality TV show "Thicker Than Water: The Marino's" for the Bravo Network and the dogs get some serious air time.

The final showing of our pilot is 2:00 am eastern time Monday so it should be 11:00 pm Pacific time Sunday night assuming you have a three hour time difference.

I hope you get a chance to watch. We will know in the next two weeks if we go to series. The dogs are part of the comic relief for the show.

Anyway, Lola and Leo are doing great and are getting huge. The pilot was filmed in April so Lola had just turned one year old and Leo was eight months old.

Luca, the Vosbikians dog is also doing great and they love her to death.
That dog has the life. Totally spoiled!
They are expecting a child next month so it should be exciting over there.

Thanks so much

Craig and Colette Yates

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