Rockport Mastiffs,  For Size and Temperament

Pictured below are Ken and Peggy enjoying the benefits of being Grandparents.
Ken pictured about with Aiden.

Peggy pictured above with Alina.

Rockport Mastiffs is located in the Comox Valley north of Courtenay B.C., Canada on beautiful Vancouver Island.
 Our Family is involved in the equestrian community competitively and we breed English Mastiffs as a hobby and not as a vocation. Our Goal is the pursuit of excellence, producing sound, typy Old English Mastiffs with large heads and deep bodies. 
  We maintain the belief that basically the height of the Mastiff comes from the depth of the body.  Good temperament is an extremely important issue in our breeding program.  The proper temperament of the Mastiff is one of courage, yet one that can be trusted with children.

We encourage owners to never let children become rough or mishandle a puppy as it may lead to injuring it. The puppies we sell are for family environments and are not to be shut out and locked away from the ones they love.  Mastiffs will give their heart and souls, even their life, for the love of their family.  As breeders, we do not expect the impossible from owners, we only expect you to treat this puppy with love, kindness, and as a member of your family. 
We are always available for advice and support for the puppy's entire life. A good breeder always tries to improve upon their line, and to do this we have looked all over Canada, United States, and the United Kingdom, to get the best bloodlines possible. 

We want puppies that we are proud of producing and that you can be proud of owning.  It is our goal to produce puppies of true mastiff type and soundness.
  We have incorporated English lines as a foundation for our dogs and have had great success in doing so.  Some lines were imported from the U.K. and some are North American lines with an English background.  But all of our bloodlines are of great quality and are well respected. All of our puppies are sold with a health guarantee, our contract, and with our kennel name.  We hope that you as prospective owners will come to love and appreciate this great breed that has filled our lives with such joy.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call (250) 337-8716, or e-mail us and we will be more than happy to answer them.

We are actively involved with horses and the Equine community.

  From left to right is Peggy jumping with Daylan at a cross country course, our daughter, Dana is pictured next at Spruce Meadows, Alberta, on her mount Cimmeron,  and finally Peggy competing in a jumper course riding Daylan.

  Rockport Mastiffs