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Rockport Mastiffs have researched Mastiff pedigrees in the United Kingdom and North America, in an effort to produce the very best genetics available, to insure that you have a happy, healthy puppy. We guarantee our puppies have been raised in our home and have been given the very best care, from the time of birth to present day. We guarantee that the puppy gets a farewell visit to the Veterinarian prior to departure. We guarantee that all our Mastiff puppies have been socialized prior to them leaving.

We guarantee all our Mastiff puppies have been age appropriately socialized.  English Mastiffs are very people orientated.  They need a great deal of communication with their owners and other pets.  To help a dog make a wonderful canine citizen and human companion, we as responsible breeders socialize our new born puppies.  Socialization is a complex process that involves a few stages.  Puppies should interact with their mother and littermates.  Communication with people should also be included to form stable bonds between the puppy and its owner.  Properly socialized Mastiff puppies should neither be too timid nor too inquisitive.

All Rockport Mastiffs are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club. We do not sell without registration papers. When the puppies go to their new homes their vaccinations and worming schedules are up to date, they have been micro chipped  for identification and have been thoroughly health checked.

All our Mastiff puppies leave Rockport Mastiffs prepared as follows with:

1. A health record, which includes a vaccination certificate
2. Microchipping for identification
3. A Bath and a nail clipping
4. Food and a few toys
5. A Puppy Information Kit/ certified pedigree and registration to follow

For the protection and well being of Rockport lines, the buyer agrees to return the dog if for any reason the buyer is not able to keep the Mastiff.

As sublaxation, OCD and HOD can be the results of poor nutrition, improper exercise and/or excessive crating no warrantee shall apply for these conditions. It is the Sellers opinion that unilateral dysplasia is non-genetic and of injury or nutritional origin.

As DJD Grade 1 type elbow dysplasia  or unilateral elbow dysplasia can be the results of poor nutrition, improper exercise, injury from jumping or rough playing, no warrantee shall apply for this condition.

As Thyroid disease is often the result of improper nutrition the seller reserves the right to not warrantee this condition.

As heartworm related cardiac disease is brought on by neglect to properly care for the Mastiff no warrantee  shall apply for this condition.

No warrantee is given for Entropian or Extropian.

Since undescended testicles can be caused by injury or other trama no warrantee is given for retained testicles after the puppy is received by the buyer. Male puppies have been examined and verified to have both testicles descended by my veterinarian at the time of health certification.

No warrantee is given for any condition if a male dog is neutered before the age of eighteen months.

Breeding the dog or bitch voids any warrantee.

A final health check has been made by Breeders veterinarian and a health certificate is included in your new puppy packet.


Raising Mastiff puppies from Rockport Mastiffs

Raising puppies is one of the most important aspects of our breeding program at Rockport Mastiffs. Our Mastiff puppies are born under the supervision of a veterinarian at all times. They are raised in their own room within our home environment.

From birth our puppies are watched 24 hours a day to ensure they are gaining weight at a normal rate and that the mothers are keeping them clean. Our mothers are calm, friendly, relaxed and proud of their babies. We, at Rockport Mastiffs, would not breed a female that was nervous or an hysterical barker. The mothers have a great influence on the puppies' early days.

The weaning process is started at five weeks of age. This is when the puppies start to learn, trust and interact with people. After a few days the puppies will all run out to greet anybody that comes close to their pen. We are fanatical about socializing our Mastiff babies. They are in an area where they can see everybody coming in and out of our house.

Our dog, "Kala" (the over protective 10 pound spaniel), insists on bopping in and out of the puppy pens to play with the pups, their toys and to scrounge their food. Several times a day, out come the baby gates to block off the kitchen and dining-room, and it's pandemonium! Puppies racing around playing, investigating and harassing the adults with "Kala" in the middle of everything.

The older puppies are introduced to the great outdoors, first on the lawn, then down in the yard. This way they learn to go to the bathroom outdoors and on the newspapers. Our puppies are brushed and combed regularly; nails clipped once a week. They are wormed three times, microchipped for identification, vaccinated by our veterinarian before leaving for their new homes.

At approximately eight weeks of age, after having been well prepared to make the adjustment period as smooth as possible, Rockport Mastiff puppies are ready to go to their new homes. When the puppy arrives at his/her new home, if for any reason the Buyer has any concerns about the puppy, we will gladly take the puppy back and refund you the purchase price.

If a Rockport Mastiff cannot be kept for any reason, the Purchaser agrees to return the dog to us here at Rockport Mastiffs. This policy is necessary to protect the dog and ensure their safety and well being. This policy will ensure the dog will not go to an abusive home. This policy also protects the old European bloodlines and ensures the continuity of the old geneticsfor future generations.






Puppy Availability

Most of our Mastiff puppies are spoken for before they are born but we welcome puppy inquiries by e-mail or telephone (1-250-337-8716). We like prospective families to visit us, whenever possible, before making a commitment. They can see our home, how the puppies are raised and meet the expectant mothers and, in most cases, the proud fathers-to-be.

Although Mastiffs are very adaptable dogs, they are not suitable for every family situation. We never pressure anyone into purchasing from us. We want our puppy to fit in and be happy, as much as the new family being thrilled with their puppy.

We are listed on the Internet with our own Web Page. A large percentage of our clients are word-of-mouth referrals from people who already have one of our Mastiffs.

We have puppies placed for pets or show dogs all over North America, Europe, and Mexico.

From time to time we may have a rescue dog available for adoption and always encourage prospective owners to consider this option when available.

If our own puppies are spoken for, we have a number of breeders we can recommend. We only recommend other breeders who maintain our own high standard and who raise their puppies in a well-socialized, family environment.

I have read the information above, and am in agreement with these terms:

The above may not be copied without written consent from Rockport Mastiffs.


Please be advised that our puppies have a 1 year guarantee on any life threatening inherited diseases.

Rockport Mastiffs are always available for help and consultation with regards to any or all of our Mastiffs placed into new homes.