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"It is essential to use a quality stud dog when breeding"

Please be advised that Rockport Mastiffs only breed our stud dogs to bitches with genetic merit.

Rockport's Made Man

Our boy, Tony, is pictured above at 2.5 years old. He is a very big typey boy. He's is extremely athletic and is a very friendly boy. He is primarily an all Old English Pedigree and has left his stamp on his progeny.

"Rockport's Lord Tyson"

Tyson is pictured above at 2.5 years old. He is 32 inches at the wither and weighs 256 lbs. He has a very easy going temperment and is still very much the playful as he is begining to mature. He has an excellent pedigree that goes back to the old European bloodlines.

Pictured below are Tyson's parents. Greiner Hall Falcon and Rockport's Chasing Falcon.

Rockport's Northern Star


Rockport's Northern Star AKA Bumpy, has it all. He is a huge typey boy with an extremely large head and a beautiful black mask. He has very large bone size and all these attributes gives him an outstanding presence. Bumpy is a great example of good Old English Mastiff bloodlines.

He has sired litters where his offspring have been better than himself. This is a true example of an outstanding stud dog trait. Bumpy is another example of the quality and looks that can be acheived with good breeding.

Rockport's North Wind


Rockport's North Wind, AKA Angus, is a big brindle boy who has great potential as a contributing genetic factor in the preservation of the Old English Mastiff look from the UK. Angus is 240 lbs. at 2 years old and still growing. His father, Rockport's Lord Tyson is 266 lbs., and his Grandfather, Sargent Schultz, is 286 lbs. Our magnificent stud dogs are from the late Topsey Seeger's UK Big Boy, Muffin 260 lbs.. You can easily see the size, the looks, and the typey English head in the offspring of this beautiful Rockport stud line.



Rockport's Sargent Schultz

AKA Schultz

Pictured above is one of Spike's puppies at 3 years old

He is owned and loved by Scott and Janis of Port Alberni, Canada


Sargent Schultz is a huge dog with terrific bone, every bit a mastiff!! He is presently 3 years old, 33 inches at the withers and weighs 264 lbs. Schultz has a big broad English head, and a good mask combined with excellent wrinkle .His chest is huge with well sprung ribs. He is very athletic and his movement is powerful and superb. With all these wonderful traits, Schultzís greatest asset by far is ,what he has between his ears. We believe, that when Schultz finishes maturing, he will be recognized as one of the true ambassadors of our Noble Breed.

Pallone's Northern Lights

C.K.C. Reg #1073525
 DNA Profile #V216542
A.K.C Reg. #WP988991/10.

Pallone's Northern Lights


C.K.C. Reg #1073525
 DNA Profile #V216542
A.K.C Reg. #WP988991/10.

Spike is pictured above at 3 years old, 33" at the withers and weighing 238 lbs, not yet fully grown. He is the result of 6 generations of selective line breeding, going back to some of the most famous Mastiffs of all time. His breeding is the true Old English Lines, and is a Double Jedadiah Grandson.  He is very tightly line bred on Medicine Man, England, who appears in his pedigree 6 times. Medicine Man, was considered by many, to be the greatest Mastiff of all time.

Spike has a beautiful English head, an excellent top line, a perfect scissor bite and very tight cat feet. Spike is a proven stud dog, who continues to produce exceptional offspring.



Pallones Northern Lights aka "SPIKEY BOY"


Recent Head Shot

Click to view further information and pedigree.


CKC# FJ518593

DNA profile #V193882


Fresh and frozen semen available.

Video on request.

Pictured at 4 Years and weighing 255 lbs

Int. Ch. Roga Danar deWynikka


C.K.C. REG.#FJ518593

 DNA profile #V193882 AKC#WR046271/01
Roga,  pictured below at 30 months old, weighing 238 lbs.  He is presently 5 years old and weighs over 260 lbs.  Roga has sired eight litters.  His prodgeny have been outstanding. He throws even better than himself, exemplifying him as a great stud dog.  Roga is available to selected bitches.

Fresh and frozen semen available.                                                    Video on request.

 Pictured above at 2 1/2 years old

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Please consider the fact that we at Rockport Mastiffs pride ourselves in breeding quality Mastiffs.  When considering whom we sell our pups to, we give consideration to their keen interest and learning as much as possible in Mastiff Husbandry.  We do not sell on a  first come first serve basis.  The more interest you show us the more we are to consider you as a candidate for carrying on our Mastiff legacy.  We do not reply to unsigned emails. 


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