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Allie with Wiebe Family

Allie with Wiebe Family

Tiny and Leavy Family girls having fun on swings.

Baby Tiny with Leavy Family

Diesel with Trevor Palmatier

Diesel with Trevor Palmatier

Joy with Claire Petrosky

Joy with Claire Petrosky
Hello Ken,

Well, it has been along time since I had contacted you so I thought I would give you the great news about our wonderful girl Joy. As you know she was going on the fast track in the show ring, she received 5 points in a short time but while playing ball on our drive way she fell and her, back legs splaying out causing a partial crutia ligament injury so she is unable to show any longer. I will tell you that her last show she beat a dog that went to the Westminster Dog show the following month. Ken, she is a beautiful bitch both inside and out.and she has a personality that is just, for lack of a better word, magnificent. She is my shadow and she and I have a very special bond. I just adore her for more reasons then one.

My husband and I went on vacation and left our daughter Lauren to watch, and pamper the dogs. On the second day we were gone my daughter called and was speaking as if she had marbles in her mouth. I was very concerned as she is Type One Diabetic and is, insulin dependent since she was 9 when her pancreas stopped working. She told me that she had suffered a seizure and needed help ASAP. I called 911 from another state and Peter and I rushed back home.

Our wonderful Joy, to our great amazement, snuggled Lauren in order to wake her up. She sensed that something was wrong with her. Ken, although Lauren suffered a seizure after Joy woke her up had Joy not awoken her she would have gone into a diabetic coma and died.

As Joy performed such an act of courage, we decided to send her story to the AKC. They have an award that is given to an exceptional dog each year. To our great surprise Joy, was awarded an Award Of Canine Excellence from the AKC. Joy is in contention to be given this same award at the Ekunuba show in California.

We will keep you informed if this happens and possibly you could meet us there.

It is so ironic that Joy was really supposed to go to another family but you had changed your mind as their child was ill at the time. Ken, God always has a plan and had you not made the decision to sell us our dear Joy our daughter would not be here today. It upsets me terribly even to say this to you.

I was so heart broken when Joy could not be shown but Ken what she did for Lauren is so much more important, there is no comparison. Enclosed is the picture of Lauren and Joy on the golf cart. The golf cart is Joys favorite thing in the whole world except for me.

Thank you for our dear, wonderful girl. She continues to bark if Lauren has a low blood sugar, so we know it its not just a single incident she performed. I have decided to start a charity to give dogs to diabetic children in order to detect any variation in their blood sugar. The show ring is just a true heart break for me as Ken, Joy turned out to be a very beautiful bitch with a temperment that is just beyond words.

Thank you is such a small word to say to you but our family wanted you to know about this great dog YOU bred and what she did and continues to do for us.

God Bless you million times over. Our gratitude to you for our girl is beyond my mere words.


Claire Petrosky

Leo with Rogers Family in Georgia

Leo with Rogers Family in Georgia

Moo with DeGriselles Family

Moo with DeGriselles Family

Katie White's boy Oz From The North

Oz From The North with Katie White

Rose with Johnson Family

Rose with Johnson Family

Maggie and Burno with Vazquez Family

One year old maggie
Maggie at one years.

Bruno with Vazquez Family
Bruno at 18 months.

Midnight Milo with Beenman Family

Milo with Beeman Family

Chaise with Mann Family

Chaise with Man Family