Rockport Mastiffs, True Old English Type.

"What a Mastiff is!"

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"Ch. Rockport's Ikim Genghis Kahn"



"Rockport's Fair Maiden"



"Rockport's Chaise"

Introducing "Rockport's Bella"

beginning to mature

Introducing "Rockport's Dancing Daisy"

Introducing "Rockport's Lord Leo"

Introducing "Rockport's Mr. Magoo"

Archie UK

Brookview Lines

Archie is a magnificent looking Mastiff, and a true ambassador to the breed.

He is the Father of our girl "MERIAH"

Meriah is pictured above at 14 months old. She is presently 220 lbs., and still very much a puppy.

 We expect she will finish off being a big typey girl.

Meriah had her first litter of 4 puppies.


Rockport's Lucy in the Sky

Lucy is pictured above at 10 months old and looks very promising.

Lucy's mother and grandfather are pictured above.


Rockports Ridges Midnite Milo


Milo is pictured above after graduating from Therapy classes with the St. John's Ambulance Therapy Dog Program.

He is owned and loved by Rick Beeman

Milo is pictured above reaching maturity. He is 268lbs., and 33" at the wither 


"Rockport's Duke"


"Rockport's Born to Ride"

Rider is pictured above at 10 weeks old

He is named in honour of his Grandfather, Brookview Born Free (UK)

"They say I look like my Dad pictured below at this age"

 Rockport's Sargent Schultz

AKA Schultz

Pictured above is one of Spike's puppies at 3 years old

He is owned and loved by Scott and Janis of Port Alberni, Canada

Sargent Schultz is a huge dog with terrific bone, every bit a mastiff!! He is presently 3 years old, 33 inches at the withers and weighs 264 lbs. Schultz has a big broad English head, and a good mask combined with excellent wrinkle .His chest is huge with well sprung ribs. He is very athletic and his movement is powerful and superb. With all these wonderful traits, Schultzís greatest asset by far is ,what he has between his ears. We believe, that when Schultz finishes maturing, he will be recognized as one of the true ambassadors of our Noble Breed..

Introducing Rockport's Mr. Briggs

Briggs is pictured above at 3 years old and beginning to mature.

He is owned and loved by Richard Morris of Calgary, Alberta

Rockport's Lord Charles

AKA Chuck

Chuck is pictured above at 17 months old and still has a lot of growing to do.

He is owned and loved by the Stocker Family in Oregon.


Rockport's Lord Cromwell

Cromwell is pictured above at 16 months old. First time in the show ring.

He is owned and loved by Jeffery Hardy of Safari Mastiffs

"New Champion"

Champion Rockport's Cor Leonis

AKA Lucius

Lucius is a puppy from our last Ivy/Spike litter. He is pictured here at 20 months old with his owner Kathryn.

We would like to congratulate Kathy and Lucius on their success at the Lower Mainland Dog Fancier Show this past weekend!

Best of Breed three days in a row.

Working Group 3 Win.

Lucius's sire is pictured below

 Springtime at Rockport


Spike is pictured above on the lawn enjoying the spring sunshine!

Introducing Miss Millie

          New English Import          



Rockport's Lady Bethany


One of Spike's latest puppies.

Pictured above is Rockport's Lady Beth, who is developing well.  She is presently 1 year old standing 30 inches at the withers and weighing 200 lbs.  Her pedigree is basically all English with the exception of  Ch Arciniega's Lion of Bredwardine.  We expect that she will finish off being a very large English type female.


Roga pictured at the National Specialty


Roga pictured with Julia Manfredi from England at the MCOA National Specialty in Portland Ore. Roga is pictured at 2 weeks shy of his sixth birthday where he would have qualified 
as a veteran.  We did not have high expectations of him at the showing but are pleasantly 
surprised and very proud of his third place showing. Roga will no longer be traveling from home as he will be retiring and enjoying his children and grandchildren.

Rockport Mastiffs was very fortunate to have Ms. Julia Manfredi of Prixcan  Mastiffs England featuring our big boy, Roga. Ms. Manfredi is possibly the most winning Mastiff breeder in U.K. history. She is also a well known and respected Mastiff judge.  She holds the position of being the HonorableTreasurer of the Old English Mastiff Club in England.

Rockport Mastiffs was very pleased to have Ms. Julia Manfredi of Prixcan  Mastiffs England showing  our  puppy, Spike at the MCOA National Specialty in Portland, Oregon.

We would also like to acknowledge and thank Deborah Pallone of Pallone's Mastiffs for this wonderful puppy.

  Ch. Rockport's Ultimate Tank Champions in Five Days

Pictured at Courtenay, B.C.


Ch. Rockport's Ultimate Tank being shown at the Glacier View Kennel Club by professional handler Guy Anctil.

Tank obtained his Canadian Championship in just 5 days with points to spare.  He defeated some specials on his way to earning his championship.  Tank is owned and loved by Stephen Boyd of Campbell River, B.C.


Paddy pictured at Glacier View Kennel Club Show

Patti pictured at her first show.  She is a 16 month old brindle puppy whose pedigree is basically Jengren from the U.K.  She is a huge 31" tall and 220 lbs in weight.  She is being shown above with Ken Pritchard of Rockport Mastiffs.